Board Members

Nevada Lightning Fastpitch, Inc. Board Members

Bret Pagni – President

Bret got involved with Nevada Lightning over a decade ago by invited to be on the Lightning Board. During that time he was instrumental in helping the Lightning organization rebuild itself on the administrative side with other board members. <read more…>

Jim Moore – Secretary/ 18U ’01 Moore

Jim is a huge addition to the Executive Board, bringing over thirty years fastpitch experience as both a player and coach to the table.  He has previously served as a head coach in the organization at the 14U-18U levels and has a great deal of administrative experience.  This experience will allow him to be a major contributor in helping the Lightning organization evolve further.  Jim also serves as the Lightning 18U ’01 Moore board member

Diana Wheelen – Treasurer/ 14U ’03 Dawson

Diana comes to the Lightning board with a wealth of experience serving on other non-profit boards previously.  She brings strong administrative and organizational skills to the table as well.  Diana is an Executive Board member as the organizational Treasurer, as well serving as the board member for the 14U ’03 Dawson team.

Dennis O’Brien – 18U ’00 Vicino

Dennis is the newest member of the Lightning board, coming on board with great enthusiasm to share his passion for the game and knowledge of business.  Dennis’s background in marketing and fundraising are huge assets to the organization, as he has created an avenue for teams in the organization to minimize their out-of-pocket costs.  Dennis serves as the board member for the Lightning 18U ’00 Vicino team.

Brett Dawson – 12U ’04 Dawson

Brett brings his business mind and great people skills to the board.  He has served on other youth sports boards and understands how successful organizations work.  Brett is always the first to volunteer when something needs to get done, and is a great sounding board for advice when tough decisions need to be made.  Brett is the board member for the 12U ’04 Dawson team.

Nick Alosi – 12U ’05 Betker

Nick is a stable influence on the board, and is always a guy who has the best interest of the organization at heart.  He is quick to volunteer when a job needs to get done and does a great job going with the flow.  Nick serves as the board rep for the 12U ’05 Betker team.

Sarah Wilkins – 12U ’06 Wilkins

Sarah comes to the board with a wealth of administrative experience both in her role as a businesswoman and also in her background in various fastpitch organizations.  She is not afraid to speak her mind, yet is also respectful enough of her peers to understand all perspectives.  Sarah is the board member for the 12U ’06 Wilkins team.

Nathan Harris – 10U ’07 Harris

Nathan joins the Lightning Board with a solid background in high level athletics, with a great understanding of business and people.  His organizational skills will be an asset to the board.  Nathan is the board member for the 10U ’07 Harris team.