12U Nevada Lightning ’05 Betker

Lightning 05 Spring 2017 Copy

The coaches of our NVL 05 team will strive to promote commitment, teamwork, sportsmanship, competitiveness, and respect for the game. Our NVL 05 team will promote our organizational core values both on and off the field, show respect to our opponents in both victory and defeat. We will strive to play our best as a team on the field and work hard to be outstanding citizens off the field. The players and parents have one goal: Each player playing high school varsity softball and being standout softball players!!

Nevada Lightning ’05 Betker Accomplishments

  • 2017 ASA/USA JO – Champions Gold Bracket
  • 2017 ASA/USA Spring Swing – Runner-Up Silver Bracket
  • 2016 USSSA Fab Five – Champions Gold Bracket
  • 2016 USSSA Summer NIT – Runner-Up Gold Bracket
  • 2016 ASA Capital Sports – Runner-Up Gold Bracket
  • 2016 USSSA Big League Dreams – Champions Gold Bracket
  • 2016 USSSA Red Rooster – Champions Gold Bracket
  • 2016 USSSA Hot Tamale – Runner-Up Gold Bracket

Coach Brad Betker is the head coach of the NVL 05 12U team. Brad brings thirty plus years of fastpitch coaching experience to the staff.  His passion, attention to detail, and dedication have made him the all-time winningest coach in the history of the Lightning organization.

Coach Betker has made the dedication / commitment to these players and will be coaching this group all the way through 18 Gold & into college. We are all excited to watch these players and families grow together during the next 6 years. Brad will also handle manager duties for the team. Look out for this NVL 05 Betker team as big things are ahead for them!


Nevada Lightning 12U ’05 Betker

Please contact Coach Betker at 775-450-9000 or bradbetker@gmail.com for information about the team or to arrange a tryout.

12U Lightning ’05 Betker – 2017 Roster

  4  Angie Micone  2023  Left  Right  2B/OF
  8  Josephine Koelewyn  2023  Right  Right  P/3B
  9  Isabella Alosi  2023  Right  Right  P/SS/UT
 12  Sadie Fox  2023  Right  Right  C/OF
 13  Alena Johnson  2023  Right  Right  1B/P
 15  Madison Breshears  2023  Right  Right  P/2B
 25  Sharlee Jackson  2023  Right  Right  3B/SS/LF
 29  Zadee Gitthens  2023  Right  Right  SS/LF
 32  Paige Pensotti  2023  Right  Right  CF/1B
 35  Berlyn Uken  2023  Right  Right  3B/OF
 44  Sofia Mares  2023  Right  Right  OF
 52  Avery Cordell  2023  Left  Right  RF/1B

12U Lightning ’05 Betker – 2017 Spring Practice Schedule

  • Wednesday (outdoors) 5:15 PM – 8:00 PM Idlewild Park Field #1
  • Wednesday (indoors) 5:15 PM – 8:00 PM Bret’s Baseball and Softball Academy  
  • Saturday (outdoors) 9:15 AM – 12:00 PM Idlewild Park Field #1
  • Saturday (indoors) 9:15 AM – 12:00 PM Bret’s Baseball and Softball Academy

12U Lightning ’05 Betker – 2017 Tournament Schedule

ASA USA Spring Swing
March 18th – 19th
Roseville, CA
ASA USA Qualifier
April 22nd – 23rd
Roseville, CA
ASA USA May Classic
May 6th – 7th
Roseville, CA
ASA USA Powernet Shootout
May 20th – 21st
Roseville, CA
USSSA Gumball Tournament
June 10th – 11th
Sacramento, CA
USSSA Double Double
June 24th – 25th
Sacramento, CA
ASA / USA Tournament
July 15th – 16th
Incline, NV / Tahoe City, CA
Triple Crown World Series
July 17th – 22nd
Reno, NV

Continue to check back for additional tournaments

12U Lightning ’05 Betker – Coaching Staff

Coach Betker Nick Alosi
Head Coach
Brad Betker
Assistant Coach
Nick Alosi

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